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Kokoro 'haramaki' tummy wrap scoops top exhibitor prize at Natural and Organic Products Europe
KOKORO'S JAPANESE fashion sensation, the 'haramaki' tummy wrap, has beaten more than 500 other exhibitors to take the prestigious 'best new natural living and home product prize' at the recent Natural and organic Products Europe show. Thousands of trade professionals from all over Europe visited the show, which took place on 1 and 2 April at Olympia, London. more...
What is a haramaki?
A modern haramaki is a tummy wrap, made of soft but strong ridged cotton.
What is the purpose of a haramaki?
Historically the haramaki protected a soldier's stomach and kidneys. Today. it is a true all-round, multi-purpose accessory. Wear it to keep warm during outdoor exercise, to stay comfy at home or to be snug while travelling. It's supportive and can also aid digestion, pregnancy and good sleep.
How far does it date back in traditional Japanese attire?
The first haramakis were used as belly protectors by Samurai foot soldiers. The garment was first used in the 12th century, but came to prominence during the Sengoku period of the 16th century. During these times, it consisted of a silk band with chain mail or interlinked pieces of metal.
What benefits can it bring?
The haramaki will help maintain your body's core warmth. It can also help boost circulation, as well as supporting your body and back. In that respect, it is an excellent comfort for aches and pains.
How do I wear a haramaki?
The haramaki is designed to be worn next to the skin, providing a warm, supportive cover for your tummy and kidneys.
How easy is it to take off and put on?
It's delightfully easy. Just step into it and pull it snug. When you want to remove it, just pull it down and step out of it. Then you can pack it away into a very small and easily transportable pack.
How much does it cost?
The haramaki for men and women retails at £22.99 and for kids at £14.99.

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